when u not wearing makeup and people still say u pretty

Aesthetics of the Signs


  • Aries - Goth Lolita
  • Taurus - Farm Ho
  • Gemini - That one where people cum on shit and then post it 
  • Cancer - Vaporwave
  • Leo - Weed/Rasta/Bob Marley Merch 
  • Virgo - Normcore
  • Libra - Racist Southern Tumblr (patagonia and L.L. Bean)
  • Scorpio - She’s her own unique individual
  • Sagittarius - “Comme des Fuckdown” Beanies, Timberlands, etc.
  • Capricorn - Crusty Hipster 
  • Aquarius - Japanese Minimalism 
  • Pisces - Pastel Goth/Gothcore/whatever it’s called now

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I don’t think my grandpa will make it to next year and that’s being optimistic tbh

yungdumy: aesthetic ah pls


you are a concert in this ancient sculpture wing i went into at a museum in rome, and there is lots of noise, but it’s not loud, it’s just enveloping and neon lights and alcoholic mist


Ray Cunningham

Tyler The Creator - She (Feat. Frank Ocean)

I’m happy


Patrick Joust 

I want to be more than sex,
meaningless sex.

This is me envious
as I write her name on a mug
and smash it against the wall.

This is me selfish
with my hands around your wrists.

This is me lonely
ever-flowing, irrational, leech.

This is me angry.
This is me drama queen.
This is me greedy, always needy.
Open bones, endless questions,
chocolate-dipped anxiety.

This is me desperate,
this is me starving.
Poisonous disease -
This is me wanting
more, more, and always more.

Now -

Will you touch me?
Do you still want to?

Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Should We Take It To The Next Level? (via a-femmefatalist)

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