he has really nice hair too its very soft and he never has chapped lips. he reminds me of newport reds and kid cudi and how xanax feels and i love him

i met my boyfriend now a little bit after her, he worked at walmart and always wore a beanie and he kissed me for the first time in my friends bed and then on his porch and we hung out almost every day after that and here we are now

there was this girl and she had purple hair and we would drive around town blasting the distillers and she had these round black sunglasses and we’d smoke southern cuts and drink vodka out of the bottle and she kissed me in the walmart bathroom after work 

Drugs will ruin your life and the lives of everyone you love I know you hear it all the time but it’s different once you live it just please believe me it’s not fucking worth it

Look at how stupid and cute he is

I have almost no memory of today every day is meshing together


found this in the Kurt cobain journals

i got a text for the wrong number and now we’re talking about death and the reason we’re still alive this is amazing i dont even know this person